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Pre-departure services

Pre-departure services

It is often seen that every student goes through a mixed feeling of leaving the comfort of home before boarding the flight. One feeling is of happiness as he/she is getting chance to study abroad in best universities and another feeling is of leaving the comfort zone and facing the challenges alone.

Therefore, at Opulence Consultancy, the counselors are sensitive towards this situation and provide all the assistance and appropriate set of information that will help the students in their airport pickups, accommodation arrangements, handling queries at the port of entry, migration, travel and their settlement abroad.

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We are committed to making sure you feel supported at every step of your study overseas journey. That’s why we host a pre-departure briefings to help you prepare for life in your new country.

  • From visiting to belonging.
  • Insights into the local culture.
  • Student life in your new country.
  • Culture shock.
  • Support and well-being in your new country.
  • Working while you study and advice on internships.
  • Dealing with homesickness