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University of British Columbia

Programs of Study

Course-based pograms, sometimes referred to as professional programs, require a student to complete a set number of courses to obtain a degree. Submission of an individual research thesis is usually not required, but programs may include major projects, capstone courses, internships or other work placements. Course-based programs tend to be shorter in duration and more flexible in program delivery, usually with higher tuition costs. These are often targeted at professionals with some work experience to attain the next career promotion or a change into another field.


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International Students

About 30% of master’s students, and 44% of doctoral students at UBC Vancouver are international students. We have close to 3600 doctoral students and 6200 master’s students, the fourth largest graduate student population among Canadian universities.

Why Come to UBC?

Mild Climate

Vancouver has one of the mildest climates in Canada.

Study Life Balance

Vancouver is one of the most attractive cities in the world, according to rankings by The Economist


UBC provides support for all stages of venture creation, from ideation, through business model creation, to company building.

Application Requirements

Applicants should have academic backgrounds within the general requirements listed by country listed in this page.

Given that the number of applicants exceeds the number of positions available, a record that satisfies basic entrance requirements does not guarantee admission to graduate studies.

Important note to students with three-year bachelor’s degrees from European institutions (except UK): Most three-year, Bologna-compliant degrees from research-intensive universities are acceptable as a basis for admission to master’s programs at UBC. Contact the UBC program of interest and see individual country listings below for further information.